Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Navigating the camera department

Fiore on set with "OM + ME", an independent film, that shot recently in Albuquerque. (photo courtesy of

Claudio "Fiore" Fiordellisi graduated May 2016 from the Institute of American Indian Arts with his BFA degree. Degree fresh in hand Fiore was ready to get employed. His passion has always been photography and knowing the challenges of getting into the field of cinematography Fiore has looked for network opportunities.

"PROTEC has been invaluable for networking. My hope was to build my network. And I feel I have really gotten a chance to do that." Fiore's experience on camera has been invaluable for the PROTEC program. Fiore has camera assisted and run second camera for Santa Fe Filmworks in Santa Fe and Albuquerque and he hopes to have more opportunities to work on the documentary The Battle of Glorieta this summer. "I have extensive experience working on commercial and wedding photography. My goal is to build a client base so that I can offer multiple services. I also have a dream of working in the camera department on bigger films coming to New Mexico."

For recent graduates having a network of professionals is important. Getting those first few opportunities to apply your skills in the workplace helps provide direction. Formal and informal networks for film students exist in the state. 16% of  Santa Fe Community College film school grads pursue union work on feature films in New Mexico, while more than 35% strike out on their own creating small business. An example of Fiore's work can be found at

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