Friday, March 17, 2017

PROTEC in the field with Santa Fe Filmworks

Juan Carlos Cucalon taking a much needed break in a 10 hour-day shooting in and around Albuquerque March 14, 2007.

Update: Professional Readiness and Technical Experience for Careers PROTEC
On March 14th three PROTEC grads worked as crew on a broadcast television documentary with Producer Christopher Shuler and Cinematographer Doug Crawford. The film will focus on children living in poverty and nutrition equity in New Mexico which will premiere this summer on network television.

Claudio Fiordellisi, Lauren Giboons and Juan Carlos Cucalon worked with Doug Crawford under the umbrella of his company Santa Fe Filmworks, LLC. Crawford believes that a combination of accelerated skills training with on-the-job application helps novice filmmakers get the right combination of experience they need. “It is great to work on-set with new filmmakers and let them gain the practical knowledge essential for understanding what it takes to produce high-quality storytelling.”

For Claudio “Fiore” Fiordellisi working with Crawford builds on the skills he learned over the last four years at Santa Fe Community College and the Institute for American Indian Art. “Working with Santa Fe Filmworks and the PROTEC program has reinforced my pursuing a career in filmmaking, especially the importance of documentary filmmaking.”

Juan Carlos Cucalon has experience in social media and is studying filmmaking this semester at Santa Fe Community College. Juan Carlos is hoping to be an independent media director and has found PROTEC a good match for accelerating his skill-sets. “This kind of work makes you feel good about yourself and working with a knowledgeable crew is priceless.”

Lauren Gibbons has technical theater training and currently works an audio-visual technician. “The overall feel of making a documentary and workflow was great. Knowing what you want and what you want to get done, being on that tight schedule and being organized is essential with filmmaking.” She also likes the combination of training she has could achieve with PROTEC. Part of the experience is being able to ask the right questions to find the right training for the jobs you are interested in pursuing. “I really look forward to using my skills,” says Lauren. On the shoot, she worked as a camera assistant and had a chance to operate the camera as well.

PROTEC is a customized training program created in partnership with Santa Fe County, the Northern Area Local Workforce Development Board and Santa Fe Community College. The program combines accelerated classroom training, Work Keys assessments, with on-the-job experience. Starting in January 2017 Santa Fe County focused their training efforts on film industry workforce with a focus in building skills for careers in social media specialist pathways. A social media specialist combines the skills of filmmaking, storytelling, marketing, entrepreneurship and information technology to help businesses and organizations utilize online platforms like FaceBook and LinkedIn effectively. For more information about the PROTEC program call program coordinator, Monique Anair, at (505) 428-1738.

To check out Juan Carlos' slide show from the shoot link here BTS with Juan Carlos