Monday, November 2, 2015

Promotion and Communications Contractor

Promotion and Communications Contractor
Santa Fe Institute
INDUSTRY: Scientific Research & Education

JOB TYPE:  Part-time Temporary
hours per week
JOB DUTIES: The Santa Fe Institute, a Santa Fe-based not-for-profit scientific research institute, seeks a part-time Promotion and Communications Contractor for the Complexity Explorer online education program. Complexity Explorer is the repository of free online education resources related to complex systems, including massive open online courses, tutorials, resource and glossary lists and a virtual laboratory. Complexity Explorer offers interested individuals access to the Santa Fe Institute's expertise in complex systems on a global scale. The goal is to increase the reach and impact of Complexity Explorer's courses and resources. The contractor must be experienced in using social media and have an appreciation for learning and science. Superior communication and organizational skills are equally necessary. The initial term is six months, with the possibility for an extension. This contractor will be responsible for: Updating and managing the Complexity Explorer social media accounts [Facebook and Twitter] and exploring new social media opportunities for Complexity Explorer [Instagram, Reddit, etc.]; Increasing current course promotion efforts [creating distribution lists, upgrading MOOC aggregator sites, posting in relevant social media groups]; Collaborating in designing new promotional material [e.g. promo video]; Compiling quotes from user feedback and writing articles for the Complexity Explorer site related to users and courses; Collaborating with the program manager to pinpoint effective methods for advertising the platform and the courses, within out budget [e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Class Central, Radiolab] and collaborating in designing the material to be advertised; Collaborating in communication with platform users through assistance designing monthly updates to platform users and subtitle volunteers; Performing online video management tasks, such as creating and curating Youtube Channels, renaming videos to standard naming convention, updating website links and subtitle platform links; Involvement in other online promotional or communications activities as required. The Program and Communications COntractor will collaborate primarily with the Program Manger of Online Education, or in their absence, with the Manager of Schools, Residencies and Community Outreach. ***If you are interested, please contact Gabby Beans at Include your resume, a list of current or past clients, and samples of, or links to, your work.***
MINIMUM SKILL REQUIREMENTS: Excellent organizational. written and oral communication skills. Proven track record of dependability, a respect for details, the capacity to multi-task, and a can-do, team-oriented, entrepreneurial and enthusiastic attitude. Working knowledge of online marketing and advertising tools, particularly social media and web publishing. Working knowledge of MS Office suite and collaborative tools like Dropbox, Google apps, Box, Trello.
PREFERRED SKILLS: Interest in science, on-line learning, and/or familiarity with photography and video editing tools a plus.
WAGES:  15-25/hr dependent on experience
BENEFITS:  ,  ,  ,  ,  
APPLY BY:  Email,  ,  ,  ,  ,  
MAILING ADDRESS: 1399 Hyde Park Road, Santa Fe, NM87501
PHONE: 505-946-2755
FAX: 505-982-0565

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Update from Cara at Vista Therapeutics in Santa Fe

Cara Hyatt sent an update today. Congrats Cara on your employment and success. Vista Therapeutics sounds like a great challenge that is worth the climb!

"I still haven't posted this b/c I'm still apprehensive of where exactly I am posting.  I created a new gmail because we will soon be uploading videos from the lab. Finally had a successful with Go-To Meeting since our business requires weekly long distance meetings and presentations. I am astonished at how much progress I've made and still very much thank the PROTEC Program! I thought you might want to post on the blog. Thanks again and please let me know of any refresher courses I should take since we are now moving towards Microsoft 2016 and windows 10! Have a good day!" -Cara 

Friday, September 25, 2015

Films, Horses and School. Oh my!

Photo by Daniel Williams. Sylvie is pictured on a horse here with AFL-CIO and IATSE BA Labor Leader Jon Hendry and his trusty companion Bob in the foreground.
Sylvie Mortenson (atop the horse) has a love for the movies. She began her adventure in film wrangling horses in France and was hired to come to New Mexico in the 1990's for the Italian television show Lucky Luke. Sylvie has a myriad of skills from horse husbandry, entrepreneurship, being a Mom, business owner and and now a student of accounting and finance. 
Sylvie joined PROTEC to increase her office skills and seek multiple internship experiences to see what might be a good fit for her as she moves back into the workforce fulltime.
Sylvie split her internship hours between the Santa Fe Film Festival and the New Mexico Film Foundation. What she found is that her appetite for experiences may be bigger than the amount of time she has. "I am going to school full-time for my accounting degree at Santa Fe Community College, I have a lot going on RIGHT NOW!" 
Sylvie did have some exciting internship hours helping shoot a commercial for City of Santa Fe tourism and meeting a lot of wonderful people. "I love working with people!"
Wherever life takes her Sylvie has a positive outlook and trusts in serendipity. "I am just curious to see what happens!" she states about her future. And whatever comes her way Sylvie is ready to roll! 

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Behind the scenes in health

Sylvana's selfie with her baby in the Dental Assisting Program teaching lab at Santa Fe Community College
Sylvana Chavez is a new mom who is interested in pursuing training and work in Health Information Technology. Through PROTEC she interned for Dr. Aamna Nayyar in the Dental Assisting Program at Santa Fe Community College. One of Sylvana's main internship goals was to learn more about what goes on behind the scenes in a health clinic. At SFCC students work within a state of the art facility with La Familia Dental Clinic that is open to the public. Sylvana's work utilized MS Excel in organizing inventory for the dental program where she got a chance to see how support systems work in the medical field.

The medical field requires a lot of data management. The state of New Mexico has a vested interest in Health Information Technology and there is currently a statewide consortium through Sun Online where schools are partnering to train workers in the growing Health IT industries.

After her internship Sylvana will be spending some time with her new baby and going back to school. "I think I might be interested in Radiology and becoming a technician," she said by phone interview last week. We wish Sylvana the best of luck with her new baby and her future plans!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

An Intern beneath the New Mexico Museum of Art

Rebecca Aubin, Head of Education and Visitor Experience with Baji Milici at the New Mexico Museum of Art

The New Mexico Museum of Art is adjacent to the Santa Fe Plaza and when I visited at 9am the area was populated by a few early morning tourists strolling at a leisurely pace. Not so in the basement of the New Mexico Museum of Art. Down a flight of stairs and you are in the working part of the museum where a busy workday has already commenced. Art work is framed, archives are managed and a diligent crew is at work making the revered halls above into the quiet and contemplative art sanctuary you experience when you visit the museum.

Baji Milici is currently interning with the New Mexico Museum of Art under the direction of Rebecca Aubin, the Head of Education and Visitor Experience. Baji participated in work that is essential in bringing our community in touch with the museum and its resources. Using Constant Contact, FaceBook and MS Office Baji updated her skills to help design electronic newsletters and announcements. The most fun however was hosting families at the Museum. "I loved working with the children and families. That is always my favorite, because I am a teacher at heart."

Mary Kershaw, Museum Director and Rebecca Aubin were happy to host Baji for her internship. "We are always busy," says Rebecca. "We always appreciate having help." Baji was excited for this chance to work with education and art. "Just knowing about the collection (of art) that is here is amazing."

Baji will help with an outreach event on September 17th that is close to her own heart; the Teacher Resource Fair. On Thursday the 17th the New Mexico Museum of Art is free to teachers and community educators from 4-5pm and then a resource fair will follow from 5-7pm.

Baji's future plans will be to build her skills in office technology. Her dream job is helping people use technology to communicate about the wonderful things they are doing throughout New Mexico. We look forward to hearing about those things too! Thanks, Baji!

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Awarding SFCC Tier 2 Techs

Joven Griego, Finespirit Routt and Mason Kovacs (shown in listed order above) were awarded a certificate for their service to PROTEC, which was above and beyond the call of duty, by the Northern Area Workforce Labor Board on Wednesday, September 2nd at Santa Fe Community College.

The technicians who build and operate the permanent and mobile computer labs at the college helped students and teachers in the two-week PROTEC program, provided much needed assistance with interconnectivity and made the program's computer training possible. The Tier 2 Techs went above and beyond by coming in early, being available after-hours and troubleshooting issues immediately as they rose. The team in the Office of Information Technology continues to assist in software access in the Testing Center for PROTEC graduates to complete their MS Excel and MTA certification exams.

PROTEC staff, students and faculty would like to extend their gratitude to Jovan, Finespirit, Mason, and the many other OIT staff who work "Behind the Scenes" to make technology accessible for learning that provides a gateway to improving skills towards gainful employment.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Serving Community

Anita Henry is embarking on a new phase of her life and when she saw the advertisement for PROTEC thought it might be the thing to jumpstart her new career. Anita brings an amazing set of skills that involves caring for people, animals, plants and about any other earthly creatures you can name. That caring translates into an amazing set of customer service skills that Anita was able to apply in the busiest two weeks the Welcome and Advising Center at Santa Fe Community College experiences; fall registration.

"Anita was amazing!" announces Dr. Cheryl Fields (pictured on the left) and this sentiment was echoed across the staff in the Welcome and Advising Center. "She jumped right in and started assisting students on day one," says Danielle Gonzales, (pictured on the right). Anita (center) said learning ten new tasks a day definitely "jumpstarted" her ideas about the next career path. "Helping students navigate registration, get their schedules for the term and get their new IDs was really rewarding," reports Anita, "I enjoy the active environment and being able to help people. And people here are so gracious. I never experienced working with a Community College. I am impressed by all the wonderful people helping each other."

Anita was able to apply computer skills in helping students navigate web registration and the best part of the job was talking with people and learning from them. Anita is now planning to pursue part-time work in early-childhood education and is open to exploring new career paths. Starting something new can be daunting but Anita is one of those rare people that brims with perseverance. I feel very lucky to have met Anita and learn from her that reinventing ourselves is possible and sometimes it takes a quiet strength of character to find the right doors to open life's new adventures.

Organizing Innovation

Cara Hyatt wasn't exactly sure which internship would be the right fit, but she knew she needed a thriving environment where her skills for office management, data management and customer service would be in demand.

Vista Therapeutics is located in the Santa Fe Business Incubator and is part of the fast-paced nanotechnology industry which has a reported 18% growth rate per annum. Visiting Vista Therapeutics is exciting. The labs, the energy of its co-founder and CEO, Spencer Farr and the promise for expansion gave Cara the environment she needed to thrive. "There is a lot to do here," she remarked.

A testament to her skills Cara was offered a job with Vista Therapeutics only a few days after starting her internship. "Finding skilled people is tantamount to Vista's success," states Dr. Farr. One amazing thing I learned talking with Dr. Farr was that New Mexico, next to Massachusetts, ranks 5th in nanotechnology and microsystems research. With new research grants Vista Therapeutics hopes to take their ideas and science globally, but their ideas are being tested right here in Santa Fe.

Cara's new job is managing the office and dealing with the multiple dynamics involved with Vista Therapeutics daily activities. The job requires attention to detail and Cara excels at managing details. "I enjoy making things work and making sure everyone has what they need." Congrats Cara! And we look forward to hearing about all the amazing work Vista Therapeutics will be doing!
The Vista Therapeutics weekly team meeting at the Santa Fe Business Incubator. CEO Spencer Farr sits in the back on the left and Cara is on the right, second chair in.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Interning with the Movies

Belinda (standing in front of Santa Fe Studios) started interning 8/17. Santa Fe Studios resides outside the city on Highway 14 and is one of the tallest buildings that can be seen from I-25 and as far away as Galisteo. Surrounded by 360 degree vistas the studio is situated on Santa Fe County land and is part of the growing film industry statewide. 
Belinda is assisting the Director of Operations, Marisa Jimenez, in the everyday duties involved in hosting large Hollywood productions here in New Mexico. The Edge and Magnificent 7 are currently residing in the studios and Belinda was able to catch a glimpse of the aging and dyeing work being completed in the costume department. The office is busy with contracts, spreadsheets and ringing telephones and Belinda will also be doing some research and participating in client outreach. "Belinda is great on the phone and extremely professional. That is truly important for the work we do," says Marisa. Belinda will work part time into September and is looking forward to the people she will meet and the experience she will get with Excel. "I am just an Excel beginner so I appreciate having the time to apply my skills on the job," comments Belinda. Best of luck, Belinda and let us know if you see any stars!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

PROTEC interns at Santa Fe County Public Works

Imagine Jacqui Boyd's surprise when in her business office attire (complete with high heels), she arrived at the Santa Fe County Fleet division for her internship. "We were told to dress business casual! Luckily Chris let us go home at lunch to change!" With their usual stick-to-itve-ness Jacqui Boyd, Claudia Roessler, Debbie Seif and Richard Farrell looked at a warehouse strewn with equipment and parts and rose to the occasion. In one week they were able to clean up, organize, categorize, inventory and create spreadsheets to catalog the over 10,000 parts that are used to keep Santa Fe County's fleet of 1100+ vehicles up and running. "We couldn't have done this without them," says supervisor Chris Narvaiz, "It is amazing what they have been able to accomplish as a team."

These interns braved hot, humid, dirty and otherwise unpleasant conditions and got right down to work. "Everyone has been super nice," says Jacqui, who celebrated her 29th birthday on August 14th with the Fleet Division team complete with cupcakes they provided.

PROTEC interns moved literal mountains of material and then provided the data infrastructure with MS Excel to quantify the division's assets. When I arrived to observe them in action there were already seven pallets loaded and packaged to be shipped off to respective areas with equipment and parts neatly organized on shelving. "When we came in here everything was all over the floor. I am not sure how they found anything," comments Debbie Seif. 

Chris Narvaiz and Dean Kitchens are the resident mechanics for Santa Fe County and are doing a lot with a little. Chris and Dean are both impressed and pleased with the help they have received and hope that they will be able to implement more technology for inventory in their shop. It is obvious to these MS Excel trained interns that technology would simplify and better track the inventory that the Santa Fe County fleet uses. 

A big job done by a great group of interns. "I thought I might leave the first day," says Debbie Seif when she was presented with the less than pristine office space. "But just like the classroom work we did at Santa Fe Community College we stuck it out together." And that is what makes the difference.
Pallets in the Warehouse

Debbie Seif doing inventory

Claudia creating the spreadsheets

Chris Narvaiz talking with Richard, Jacqui and Debbie

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Connecting Technology and Education Outreach

Virgie Bigbee started working with Sun Path on August 4th. Sun Path a statewide consortium connects New Mexico community colleges through a network of online education. Virgie's background working with the Native American communities in New Mexico was an immediate asset to Sun Path coordinator Carla Slentz (standing beside Virgie in our job site photo) who put Virgie to work using her skills for community outreach and recruitment. (Even Virgie's daughters signed up for classes!) Virgie was able to use her Excel skills to create spreadsheets and appreciated Carla's help in prepping to take the MS Excel exam. Virgie is looking forward to continuing her education in Early Childhood Development and building her technology skills to help serve our community. All in all a great partner internship. 

Finding a Place

Gaby Vasquez is an amazing woman. Raising a family on her own she has gone back to school this year. While pursuing her GED Gaby has been interning with New Mexico Workforce Connection. At New Mexico Workforce Connection Gaby has found a network of support that has been essential to pursuing her goals. "Larry (Campos) asks me everyday, almost every hour if I have finished my GED testing. He keeps on me," she smiles. Gaby enjoys helping the people that come to NM Workforce Connection because she makes a difference in their lives. Gaby is able to greet people in Spanish or English and help them navigate the resources available to them for employment assistance. Her supervisors say that clients ask specifically for Gaby and are disappointed if she isn't available that day. Gaby is following her dream and can't wait to get there! Go Gaby!

Friday, August 14, 2015

Being a Tech at Santa Fe Community College

Anthony AJ Maez began interning August 3rd with the Technology Support Department in the Office of Information Technology. These gentlemen (part of the team is pictured above with AJ who is on the left with Finespirit Routt and Mason Kovacs) in two weeks time implemented eight new computer labs, Refreshed 20 established labs and along the way added some AV equipment, electrical systems, new software and a lot of desks and chairs into the mix. Asked what he thought AJ thought it was "Alright" to be working with this dynamic group. Not sure what internship would top this one for physical activity! Kills that stereotype that computer guys are always sitting down staring at monitors. Best of luck to AJ who is planning to start school soon and study 3-D animation.

What does an intern do at the New Mexico Film Office?

Dianna Ruth Jones is pictured here with her internship supervisors Tobi Ives and Rochelle Bussey from the New Mexico Film Office. Ruth has a smile that beams! Her two weeks at the NMFO included filing, database management, working with publisher and learning some more about PowerPoint. She did put those MS Excel skills to work, but knows she is not a desk person by any means. Ruth says, "Don't let distractions blind you!" Ruth's ready for the next adventure and reports she "experienced great friendship and feedback" during her time with PROTEC and is looking for new opportunities to help people in our community. We know she will!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Interning at SERS - Jobs for Progress at NM Workforce Connection

Andrea loves to help people and she found a great match working with SERS - Jobs for Progress which is located at NM Workforce Connection in downtown Santa Fe. Andrea's previous skills in social work took on a new role helping people navigate the job market and services available for those unemployed in Santa Fe County. Andrea knows what that is like. She's been there, done that.
"PROTEC s a great opportunity to learn. It is very intense, especially Excel." Andrea was able to apply her new skills in database management, but found her true love is communicating with people, helping present opportunities to her community and using her technical skills to help get the job done. Some words of wisdom from Andrea that we can all live by; "Don't be hard on yourself and just keep trying your hardest." 

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Internship with NM Department of Health Children's Medical Services

Merelyn Kaye Martin started her internship on August 3rd under the supervision of Susan Chacon, M.S.W., L.I.S.W., State Program Manager for Children's Medical Services. Over the course of her 80 internship hours Kaye participated in multiple HIPA trainings and began work on a large project dealing with medical coding from International Classification of Diseases ICD9 to ICD10. The dedicated folks at NMDOH Children's Medical Services have been wonderful hosts for Kaye and they have been happy to have her help on this project. From her experiences over the past four weeks Kaye has a renewed interest in Health Information Technology and plans to pursue education that will add to her new experience in MS Excel gained from the PROTEC training. We love that smile Kaye!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Schedule for GMetrix/MOS exams

We are in the process of getting MOS/MTA tests set up in the SFCC Testing Center for those of you who need to test/re-test. The schedule is as follows:
Friday, August 14             9:00 -1:00
Tuesday, August 18         3:00 – 7:00
Wednesday, August 19 1:00 – 5:00
Friday, August 21             9:00 – 1:00
Friday, August 28             9 :00 – 1:00
Please call the Testing Center at 505-428-1625 to schedule a test time. Also, don't forget your photo id.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Last Day in PROTEC classroom

What we learned this week is that success is all about being engaged! And this group showed up, dressed up and jumped in to the pilot program with good will and humor. Today we will meet with our various sponsors and employers and celebrate the two-week intensive. Over the next few weeks this group of 20 will be working on job sites in Santa Fe County. My feeling is employers are going to love this bunch as much as I do!

Tutoring Center Coordinator job active

Title: Tutoring Center Coordinator
Posting Number: 2015-0034Staf-P
Department: Tutoring Center
Internal Posting
Posting will close at mid-night, August 5, 2015
To review the full job description and apply, use the following link:

Some PROTEC-ers met with Cheryl Fields yesterday and are encouraged to apply for this position at Santa Fe Community College.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

My Windows Toolkit

Today someone asked me about password mangers and tools I use, and I promised a writeup so here goes...

Tools: there are a bunch of tools and utilities for Windows.  I'm sure there are many excellent ones I don't use, but here are the critical few that I use all the time.  Each has a free version (not a trial) with upgrades/subscriptions you can purchase for more features.
  1. AVG AntiVirus - easily the best free version I've used, worth a subscription.
  2. Advanced System Care - a very complete set of tools to manage & tune Windows
  3. CCleaner - just sweeps up after you, but boy does it clean
  4. Disktective - small program that tells you what is using up all your disk space.
  5. PDF-XChange Editor - remove Adobe Reader and replace it with this. Just do it.
 My passwords discussion ran a little long ... click "Read more" for all the gory details.

MTA Windows Fundamentals Exam Prep

Here are some references and links to help prepare for the Windows Fundamentals Exam.  First, you'll need a copy of the exam scope and the study guide, which can be found on my OneDrive (in the MTA folder).  Download these to your laptop or tablet for reference.

Please read this Exam Profile from Pearson/Certiport to understand what you'll need to know.

If you already know a fair amount about working with the Windows OS (by that I mean that terms like "OS", "Control Panel" , "Device Manager" , and "Windows Explorer" are familiar to you), you can start working through the practice tests in MeasureUp and fill in the gaps you have by looking up unfamiliar terms or concepts.

There are a TON of resources online to help you prepare.  Just search "MTA 98-349" ...

Here are some flashcards and practice tests from CRAM: Windows Fundamentals

Here are some decent video tutorials  - note they are not in order.

Please use the comments section to share what you find helpful!

Connecting Workers with Employers

Starting August 3rd PROTEC-ers will begin making connections to intern on job sites in Santa Fe County. Employers that are offering entry-level training and training opportunities range from local government to the film industry. Many students in PROTEC are looking for stable good-paying positions and are eager to showcase their skills in the community.

From clerical administrative work, event planning, social media marketing to economic development students in PROTEC are getting a chance to expand their resume and get the next job opportunity.

We will begin posting our success stories over the next few weeks! Stay tuned!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Meet Gerard Martinez

Gerard J. Martínez y Valencia worked over 25 years in university, state and local government sectors as a project management, special events, administrative, media, community and public relations specialist and is a private sustainability consultant. Gerard has served on several local, regional and national boards and committees. Currently, Gerard is the Career Technical Adviser for the Accelerate Program at Santa Fe Community College, a U. S. Department of Energy initiative emphasizing in academic and career readiness training. Gerard is an adjunct instructor for the School of Trades, Technology, Sustainability and Professional Studies at SFCC. Gerard is an opsimath, enjoys spending time and traveling with his wife and family, music leadership for his church’s LifeTeen Choir, officiating volleyball, serving on the Northern New Mexico Citizen’s Advisory Board for the Los Alamos National Laboratory and working on his family’s urban farm.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Meet Kim MiLee

Kim MiLee has worked in career skills, recruitment, marketing and branding for over ten years.  During this time, Kim has worked in the northern New Mexico region helping re-careering adults, students, and youth to prepare for a competitive job market.  She is dedicated to providing pathways for career development, training and job-seeking best practices that align with an individualized career plan.  From her experience in both career advising and recruitment, Kim is uniquely poised to help individuals create a vision that aligns with the right employer fit.

Asking good questions ...

Yesterday, we discussed some of the critical skills required in the modern workplace.  For me, the #1 skill is the ability, and the mindset, to figure things out.  This is especially true in computing and internet technology, where the landscape can shift, change, and evolve very rapidly.

There are some core skills you can work on in this area!  The first is just getting comfortable with the fact that you don't know.  You don't.  But you will.  Let yourself shift from feeling like you need to be an expert, and especially from concern that you don't know, to being a learner who can very quickly find, understand, and then apply new information.

There are a couple of related skills that really help with this.  The first is asking good questions in your internet searches..  You can find out most anything once you know how to ask for just what you need.  I've included some links and help below.

The second is taking risks based on understanding a goal, and making your best effort to work towards a good solution.  It helps to check in with peers & supervisors (often) along the way to verify your assumptions & direction.  Don't just wing it and present a final product that could be way off the mark; take a stab at the goal & direction, validate it, and show your work along the way!

LearnFree has some nice self-paced courses on Internet searching and getting things done:
Finally, here's an infographic on effective Google search techniques, written for students, but generally handy ...

Thursday, July 23, 2015

MOS Excel 2013 Exam Prep

Dateline: Santa Fe, Thursday, July 23, 2015

Here are some handy links for learning & understanding Excel, and preparing for the MOS Excel certification exam.  I will update this post with tips and suggestions as we go.  Please use the comments section to add your own tips & learnings for other students.  If I really like your tip, I'll add it to the post!

gmetrix - I've created a new code for your test prep, which I'll share with you in all in class.  Please use this code from now on so I can see what you've completed and help you with gaps.  I recommend you attempt & complete EACH of the "core project" and "core testing" sets from the question pool.  You can take them in training mode first, but then do try them in the testing mode.  They have a nice support page here.

Preparing for the "real" exam.  The exam is taken in Console8.  We'll install it today & get each of you an account.  There are more resources there to help you prepare, just don't take the test yet!

Here is a nice overview of the MOS certification exam and how to prepare:  MOS 2013 Exam Test Drive

Finally, here are most of the Excel-related links we've been using from my OneDrive:

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Meet Jim Sanborn

Jim Sanborn has been a computing professional since 1980, when he worked as an undergraduate systems operator at the University of Rochester, supporting one of those giant IBM computers with tape drives, dot matrix printouts, and really heavy exchangeable disks like you see in old movies.  He has a BS in Math and Computer Science from the University of Rochester, and an MS in Computer Science from the University of Maryland.  He's worked in aerospace, robotics, AI, factory automation, and supply chain management.  He does everything on his phone now, probably just like you, and keeps up with all the really cool stuff by looking at his daughter's phone.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Meet Monique Anair

Monique Anair currently serves as co-lead faculty for the film program and as coordinator for the Grants and Contract Training department at Santa Fe Community College in New Mexico. During her tenure with Santa Fe Community College (SFCC) she helped create and implement the Film Technician Training Program (FTTP) that actively trained film technicians for the state of New Mexico between 2005 and 2009. She led the development in 2009 of an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree in Film at SFCC. Over 500 New Mexicans have participated in the FTTP with over 100 students completing their AAS degrees. Monique has initiated two articulation agreements for bachelor degree pathways for New Mexicans; A BFA with the Institute for American Indian Arts and an accelerated BA program with the Seattle Film Institute. Most recently Monique has worked with local, state and federal government grants leveraging funding for training and education in the fields of media, computer science and information technology. Monique completed her Master of Arts in Education Leadership and Community Organizations at the University of New Mexico in 2013. At Santa Fe Community College she teaches cinematography, media and the environment, women make media, and video production.


Okay here we go! 
We have twenty amazing participants that have jumped in with both feet and are becoming some of the fastest problem solvers I have seen. After a debrief this am about Day One we jumped into mobile technology. Each eight hour day in the life of a Pro-Tec'er is one of multiple challenges from learning inter-connectivity, OS management, Excel and social media and building their own business savvy. 

I am looking forward to what we learn today and who we become in eight days from today!

Friday, July 17, 2015

Applicants Get in On the Ground (About to get Connected)

Over thirty applicants interviewed in Santa Fe for the PROTEC program beginning July 20th at Santa Fe Community College. Though it was difficult reviewers selected a diverse group of Santa Fe County residents that had experience in education, sales, arts, real estate, business ownership and medical industries. Each participant will bring what they know to the classroom and apply those skills with Microsoft Office Technical Assistant training, social media savvy and up-to-date career readiness skills.

Employers who are interested in working with interns from the PROTEC program can be in touch with Monique Anair at or by calling 505 428-1738. Each student will receive a stipend of $500 for completing 80 hours of work on a Santa Fe County job site.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Application Deadline July 8th!

All applicants should submit application materials by July 8th and their Work Key assessment results by July 10th at noon to Jeff Barela

Classes begin July 21st at Santa Fe Community College.

For more information visit

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Work Keys to Apprenticeship

PROTEC begins July 20th on the Santa Fe Community College campus. One of the steps toward getting into a training program like PROTEC is to take a Work Keys Assessment. Work Keys are designed to evaluate the skills you have right now and help labor leaders and employers help you find the right training and job placement for those skill sets. The value of Work Keys is becoming more apparent in apprenticeship-styled programs like PROTEC. It saves people who are retraining or looking for new skills time and money and helps employers find the skilled labor they are seeking.

If you are interested in applying for the PROTEC program in Santa Fe County email Jeff Barela at

Monday, June 29, 2015

Information Session at Workforce Connections June 30th

Join us Tuesday, June 30th 12noon-1pm at New Mexico Workforce Connections for PROTEC information session and learn more about the program and how you can apply. If you can't make the information session contact Jeff Barela at    or call 505.986.0363 Ext. 2

Workforce Connection is located at 301 W De Vargas St, Santa Fe, NM 87501

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Orientation Sessions begin

Jeff Barela from the Northern Area Workforce Development Board led the first orientation at NM Workforce Connection for the PROTEC program piloting its first program beginning July 21, 2015. The room was full with an amazing group of women from Santa Fe County who we hope to see on the SFCC campus in a few weeks. During these two weeks of orientations Santa Fe County residents can apply for the program, learn how to take Work Keys assessment and what services are available through SERS-Jobs for Progress, Workforce Connection and Santa Fe Community College. For more information on the Northern Area Workforce Development Board and their service to Northern New Mexico go to

Tuesday, June 23, 2015


On July 21st students will arrive at Santa Fe Community College to work with professors Jim Sanborn, Monique Anair, Gerard Martinez and Kim MiLee. Tomorrow information sessions start in Santa Fe about this unique program. Follow this blog to learn more and watch the stories of the participants.