Thursday, April 27, 2017

Post-Production with Santa Fe Filmworks

Jane Phillips and Lauren Gibbons editing at Santa Fe Filmworks, LLC

Rolling into Post-Production

PROTEC-ers are now assembling footage from a month of shooting and retrieving photos from state archives. By May 5th a trailer will be assembled along with a treatment for the documentary project the participants have been building with filmmaker Doug Crawford.

The documentary project is being funded in part by the Northern Rio Grande National Heritage Area and the Friends of the Pecos National Historic Monument. The documentary will focus on the roots of democracy in New Mexico that precede US Occupation in the 1800's. Santa Fe County provided funds in January 2017 to develop the PROTEC training program and offer hands-on skill building classes that PROTEC graduates are now putting to work throughout Northern New Mexico. 

Jane and Lauren (picture above) have dedicated over 70 hours over the last 3 months outside their normal jobs to the project. "My hope is that I can find work producing and creating films in Santa Fe," says Jane Phillips. Jane is currently taking classes at Santa Fe Community College and will complete a certificate in film production this summer. Lauren who currently works in Albuquerque for event planning hopes to apply her theater degree along with post-production and sound design skills in making more media projects and starting her own business. "I would love to be full-time in Santa Fe working in post-production. Doug has been a good mentor and watching how he manages his freelance work is invaluable for understanding how I can start my own career."

Other PROTEC-ers are participating in event and public service projects at Northern New Mexico College where they attend undergraduate programs, working with KLA Concepts, LLC planning social media campaigns for the documentary project, and working on films shooting in Santa Fe County. During the next few months we will feature what PROTEC grads are up to! Stay tuned to learn more.

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