Friday, March 2, 2018

First week of PROTEC 2018

For PROTEC 2018 twenty students made their way down to the basement of Santa Fe Community College's West Wing and jumped into an introduction to MS Office 365 training this week. A big step was troubleshooting multiple cloud and application interfaces, downloading, uploading and taking the plunge into social media, internet communication and virtual communications. For some it was the first time on FaceBook, for others the first time using professional video equipment, for others the challenge of working in the cloud.

Photo of Instructor Monique Anair and Protec-er, Z Wilds courtesy of Protec-er, Sandra Corso

By the end of the first week students will have covered the basics of MSO 365 Word and Excel apps, posting and download in the cloud, and working with subject matter experts working in the fields of job seeking, social media marketing, video production and electronic publishing. Students apply computer skills in applications and learn how to market their skills to Santa Fe County employers.

Starting next week students will get the chance to work with customer service experts, create their own LinkedIn accounts, learn how to make short videos, enter into more cloud-based applications and meet local employers. Students have a chance to earn a certificate of completion by the end of the 2nd week after completing 30 classroom instructional hours. 15 hours down! 15 to go!

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